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2016 in Review + Our Future to Come.

Transformative Research Friends,

Happy New Year! While it has been a rocky year for many of us, I am happy to share that Transformative Research has some exciting news to share. Since I first launched the organization, we've had the greatest privilege to work with a couple amazing organizations: Girls for Gender Equity in New York City; National Organization of Asian Pacific Islanders Ending Sexual Violence (NAPIESV); and Monsoon: United Asian Women of Iowa. Through our partnerships, we've been able to help organizations develop community-driven research plans and train staff in community-driven research methods and data analysis. We've also been able to work on projects that will lead to the development of a network of non-profit organizations that work on racial and gender justice in the Midwest. We have also trained and supported young leaders as they develop a policy brief on gender and the public educational system in NYC. Through these partnerships, we've developed innovative ways to think about gender based violence and envision survivor-centered approaches to community accountability. We've worked with community leaders to imagine and plan for new ways to serve their communities, especially cis and trans young women of color.

As the New Year approaches, Transformative Research renews our commitment to expand and build upon our current research partnerships, trainings, and advocacy work. Given our current political and social climate, we will make sure that we support as many organizations as possible with trainings on research and advocacy for community sustainability, program development, and social change. To do this, I'd like to share our next steps:

1) Create new statewide networks and joining existing ones to work on ending violence against all communities of color;

2) Host trainings on community-driven research methods, research design, data analysis, and racial and gender-based violence advocacy;

3) Work on existing and new research projects that will help us to identify racial and gender based violence against communities of color across the country;

4) Support and co-facilitate community-driven campaigns based upon our projects, trainings, and partnerships.

If you'd like to learn more, become involved in our work, and bring us on to provide trainings and consultation, please feel free contact me. Lastly, in order to continue with this work, we are currently bringing on a few research interns. If you know of individuals who are looking to join our research team, put us in touch. We are always looking for more teammates.

With all that continues to happen and unfold, Transformative Research offers itself as a resource to you. Let us know of ways we can support and team up. Until then, take good care and enjoy your new year.

Teamwork makes the dream work,


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